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The aws_s3 provider ease the uploading of artifacts to AWS S3 buckets.

Note: if access_key_id or secret_access_key is empty, even after environment expanded and default values filled, the aws_s3 provider will use the shared credentials file (~/.aws/credentials) and if empty the EC2 instance role credentials.

The recommend way is by setting the $AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID and $AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY environment variables.


Field Type Default Value Description
access_key_id string $AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID The AWS access key ID
secret_access_key string $AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY The AWS secret access key
region string $AWS_REGION The AWS region to use
bucket string $AWS_S3_BUCKET The S3 bucket to use
local_directory string "." The base local directory to upload
remote_directory string "/" The base remote directory to upload to


# .rocket.san
aws_s3 = {
  region = "$MY_AWS_S3_REGION"
  bucket = "my-bucket"
  remote_directory = "/my/app/directory"